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1999-to infinity
Seriously, I'm not
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1999-to infinity or 170
years after my actual
death, which ever
comes first.
BAD! Kitty Art is happy to
now being represented by
Mac Worthington Gallery
In the heart of Columbus'
Short North Art District
749 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Hours: Tue,Wed & Thur 2pm-7pm;
Fri & Sat 11am-7pm; Sunday Noon-5pm
1-888-296-7817, pin 0297
Hello everyone! I am adding new work as fast as I
can with some works not able to make it to the web  
site because they are being bought when I publish
them to my Facebook page! (thank you so much) I am
still recovering from a health issue (just a little cancer
that I am beating) so, thank you to all my fans and
patrons for your support over the years and patience
with my speed right now, I am working back to
(Click on painting to the left and see all the new stuff!)
If you would like to see the newest works as they
come off the easel, please check out my Face Book
page at:

The prices posted are suggested, I
am open to all offers. If you like
something, let me know and most
of the time we can work
something out! :) I would rather
sell art than keep it forever, so
make an offer!